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“What do you do if you don’t drink?!”

When I first considered sobriety, one of the biggest questions I asked myself was "what do you do if you don't drink?"

So much of my personality was tied in with booze, it felt like there wasn't a lot I could do if it wasn't in a bar, pub, club, or with a bottle in my hand. I felt worried and scared. I also felt like no one would like me.

Within months of my sober journey starting, I realised there are so many things you can do if you don't drink!

I climb mountains. 

I go for brunch. 

I go to gigs. 

I take lots of pictures. 

I book festival tickets and still get just as excited about them. 

I keep promises that I make to myself and to others. 

I listen to books. 

I go for walks. 

I spend some nights at the front of a huge crowd, listening to my favourite drum and bass DJ’s, dancing until 4am. 

I call my friends and I tell them that I miss them and that they inspire me. 

I tease my niece and nephew about their current girlfriend/boyfriend. 

I start sober communities. 

I bask in beer gardens and laugh with my friends and family. 

I laugh with my friends' children and twirl them around when the Greatest Showman is on. 

I treat myself to overpriced milkshakes. 

I watch comedians. 

I go to the theatre. 

I go on city breaks.

Dear Past Self, do you have any more stupid questions?

Sobriety and attending events sober can feel scary, but I promise that it gets easier with time.

I'd love to know, what do you do if you don't drink? - send me an email or drop a comment in the box below.

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