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siobhan founder of not so secretly sober club spending a sober summer evening walking her dog they're in a field with lots of trees around

Sober activities for summer evenings

This week in the Not So Secretly Sober Club, we discussed summer & sobriety. It can be challenging to think of sober activities for summer evenings and lots of sober people I know find summer triggering. The nights seem longer, the weather is warm and often the beer garden can feel like it's calling our name.

The sheer amount of time that I had on my hands when I first stopped drinking blew my mind! In both a positive and negative way. It gave me time to sit and reflect on all of the time I'd wasted drinking and being hungover. I worried about how I would fill all of this newly acquired time without drinking. 

In the beginning, I threw myself into going to sober events, writing about my sober experiences, telling every single person I met that I was sober, and going to theatre shows, poetry readings, and gigs. 

I spent a lot of time listening to audiobooks, my new favourite genre being quit lit and personal development. 

But I didn't want this list to be completely about me and my experiences! We're all different so I thought I'd share what we came up with in the Not So Secretly Sober Club and the amazing suggestions from our wonderful followers on Instagram!

Here's what everyone came up with together - sober activities for summer evenings:

  • going for a walk and watching the sunset
  • paddle boarding
  • get a side hustle! This is how I started my business Iris Socials
  • playing sports (tennis/netball/football/rugby)
  • BBQ's at the beach/park/garden
  • drink delicious alcohol-free drinks from a nice glass with ice and allll the fancy garnishes
  • coloring in
  • cooking a new recipe and eating dinner out in the garden
  • trying out some new crafty things
  • going out for dinner
  • joining group zoom calls like the Not So Secretly Sober Club
  • go to a gig or comedy show
  • sit in front of the TV and watch some trash
  • do some painting
  • watch TikTok for hours on end in the garden
  • try geocaching/Pokemon Go

If you have any summer evening suggestions, hit the reply button and let me know

And if you'd like to join the Not So Secretly Sober Club, you can sign up here.


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I'd love to know, what do you do if you don't drink? - send me an email or drop a comment in the box below.

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