Most frequently asked questions about the Not So Secretly Sober Club.

A weekly sober squeeze
Each week we will have an online meet up, we’re all welcome to speak, make connections and share ideas. This is our chance to talk about all things sober, freely.

Sober Resource Library
A comprehensive collection of helpful resources, whether it’s video playlists, book recommendations, printable worksheets or even academic journals – all at your disposal at the touch of a button.

WhatsApp group access
A space where we can all connect 24/7. Expect weekly prompts and lots of encouragement, support and belly laughs.

Exclusive discounts
We have partnered with lots of lovely brands to make sure you have exclusive discounts for when you want to treat yourself! We’re sober, we deserve ALL the treats!

This is a membership for people who love being sober and are looking to enhance their sober experience/journey. If you’re sober curious and looking to join, please email theclub@notsosecretlysober.com and we can have a discussion about what is best.

This is a monthly membership, you can cancel whenever you like. We will honour your membership for the full month you’ve paid eg. If your payment date is the 15th, you will have access up until 14th.

We want to help as many people as possible, please email theclub@notsosecretlysober.com and we can have a chat.

We would love this more than anything! We will keep you posted on real life events that we’re planning so we can make it that as accessible for everyone as possible.

Join the club!

Just £21 a month.

or £210 a year*

*Get 2 months free. One recurring annual payment.