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Guest Blog: Brittany

Going sober means that there are lots of firsts along the way! First sober night out, first sober date, first sober gig… the list goes on! In this guest blog, Brittany talks about her first sober holiday! At the time writing, Brittany was 11 months sober and she explains how sobriety has completely changed her world!

“Since going sober 11 months ago, my relationships with those around me have changed immensely. It’s so easy to believe prior to going sober that your friendships will still be strong and that everyone will support your choice. In the UK, there’s a big culture around drinking. It is more acceptable to tell someone you drink a crate a week than you’ve gone sober.

I went on my first holiday abroad, since going sober. Me, mum and dad went to Gran Canaria and despite the extra paperwork needed we had a good time.

“One thing that stuck out to me, is that my dad was openly telling people that he’s going to get me ‘pissed’. I kept to my word and didn’t touch a drop. Every night we’d go out to eat, I’d have a mocktail or a coke then we’d chat the night away. We’d plan what to do the next day and go to sleep at a reasonable hour. One of the things I’ve always wanted to do was Parasailing. Last time I got the chance I was hungover and faced intense anxiety. I got myself a combo deal and went on a Jet Ski, a banana boat and went Parasailing! When I say being sober makes you feel alive, this is what I mean!

“In 11 months, I have ticked off several of my goals, read over 50 books and completed 2 courses on CBT and counselling. I found the things making me want to drink and dealt with them.

“A good friend of mine has reached out and said I’m ‘brave’ for holidaying sober. I disagree, it’s braver to seek help instead of being alcohol dependent. Moreover, it’s braver to get drunk abroad, you don’t know the environment or the people around you. The girls in the toilet stall will rarely point you in the direction of a hospital or hotel. They are not your friends.

“Attached are pictures from my excursion. In the picture of me in the banana boat I am wearing an orange life jacket.

“Thank you so much, for the opportunity to talk about holidaying sober. As I’m approaching my 1 year soberversary, I have realised how much this one decision has changed my life. You have inspired me so much and I feel so lucky to have found out about your instagram and blog when I did.”

We feel so lucky to have such an open community that are brave enough to share their sober journeys and experiences with us. 

Sober holidays can feel daunting and even overwhelming. But they are so worth it! If you think that exploring sobriety will help you, please explore the website for more tips and resources. We’d also recommend checking out the sober community on Instagram. If you want to join a community of like minded people.

Please feel free to check out the Not So Secretly Sober Club. 


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