Not So Secretly Sober.

Because sobriety was the best decision I ever made.

Sober? Join the fucking club.

I want to create a community of like-minded sober badasses. Sober legends that still want to be rock stars, have a ball but also want to grow and I am inviting you to become a founding member.
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siobhan founder of not so secretly sober club spending a sober summer evening walking her dog they're in a field with lots of trees around
Sober Resources

Sober activities for summer evenings

Whether you’re sober curious, in early sobriety or a well established sober legend, I thought it might be useful to pull together a few of my favourite game-changing pieces of quit-lit…

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Guest Blog: Brittany

Going sober means that there are lots of firsts along the way! First sober night out, first sober date, first sober gig… the list goes

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Siobhan O'Connor - creator of Not So Secretly Sober

I'm Siobhan O'Connor

and I'm just here living my best sober life.

I created @notsosecretlysober in early sobriety. It’s called Not So Secretly Sober because I just couldn’t keep my mouth shut about how much I loved sobriety. I wanted to tell the world how different I felt. That my skin finally started to fit me more comfortably.

Sobriety has completely changed my life in the best possible way. I created Not So Secretly Sober because I couldn’t keep the benefits of sobriety to myself.

I was never physically dependent on alcohol. I was a weekend warrior, binge drinking, party girl. Now I’m all about wholesome weekends and big sober nights out.